Samsung to release a 7 inch smartphone soon

Samsung to release a 7 inch smartphone soonMobile phones are getting bigger every year and this trend is evident from the fact that most of the flagships of 2014 sport a 5 inch display. In comparison, the average screen size of flagships which are about a year older is about 4.7 inches.

Samsung has always been a big fan of large screen phones and its Galaxy Note series is one of the best-selling phablets in the market. But looks like the company is not just happy with a 5-6 inch device as latest reports indicate that the South Korean giant is working on a 7 inch phablet. In simple terms, the device will be a Nexus 7 sized tablet with smartphone capabilities.

Samsung Mega 7.0

Samsung SM-T2558 was spotted on the Chinese certification website TENAA. In the past few years, many devices which have hit the Chinese markets have passed through this website. Hence, it’s quite likely that this so called 7 inch smartphone too will make it to the Chinese market first.

The smartphone is said to be the latest addition to the Samsung’s Mega family and will be called as Samsung Mega 7.0. The large 7 inch screen will be its best feature as rest of the specs as stated on the website are just average.

Samsung Mega 7.0 will come with a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core Processor with 1.5 GB RAM. It will have an 8MP rear shooter along with a 2MP front facing camera. There will be 8GB internal memory on board but storage can be expanded via a MicroSD card slot. Given that it was first spotted on TENAA, the phablet will run on Chinese 3G and 4G network bands.

Samsung Mega Family

About a year back, Samsung announced two new handsets in its Mega family but none of them were as large as this one. Both the handsets were under 6.5 inches and the specs was also not that impressive. Given that the company released these handsets around April last year, it will not be surprising if it announced a new addition to the family anytime soon.

The specs indicate that the device is aimed at the mid-range market. Hence, the price too is expected to be mid-range and could be sold for less than $400. Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet officially announced anything about a new addition to its Mega family and hence, fans will have to wait for a few more weeks before they get exact details about the device.

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