Samsung to announce Gear Solo, its first standalone smartwatch in September

Samsung to announce Gear Solo, its first standalone smartwatch in SeptemberWhile most of the smartwatches that we see nowadays need a smartphone to function, Samsung may soon release a standalone wearable which does not need a companion device to carry out various operations.

Back in May, we heard a similar rumor which said that Samsung was reportedly developing a smartwatch which could function as a phone, so this could be that device. Unfortunately, since that time, very little details have been leaked.

Now, industry sources close to Samsung are saying that the South Korean giant will announce a new wearable device called Samsung Gear Solo which will function as a standalone smartwatch. The company will announce the device alongside Galaxy Note 4 flagship, just before the IFA event kicks off in Berlin.

Samsung already has a number of smartwatches in the market including one running on Google’s Android Wear platform. However, all of them require a smartphone connection to function. So, this could be a unique device and hence, would cater a different set of customers, who are looking to replace their smartphones.

According to the source, Samsung is targeting outdoor and sports enthusiasts who don’t like carrying large smartphones everywhere they go. So, Gear Solo could simply things to a great extent and keeps these interested customers connected at all times.

The device will come with a sim card slot and hence, it would be able to make and receive calls, send and receive texts and even browse internet on its small screen. While it’s highly unlikely that Samsung would incorporate LTE support into the device, we can expect at least 3G connection on the new smartwatch.

The source also claims that the device would run without a sim card too. So, even without the sim card, it can act as a regular smartwatch after connecting with a smartphone.

While the idea of smartwatches replacing smartphones sounds cool, there’s one major drawback. The small form factor would make it extremely hard to browse the internet and perform various other day to day functions like that of a smartphone. Also, the battery life of the device could be much worse than our existing smartphones.

We had recently reported about a possible round watch from Samsung in the coming months. While the company or the source said nothing about its design, Solo could have a round face like Moto 360. Also, it could run on the company’s Tizen OS instead of Android Wear.

Anyways, we are sure to hear more information about Gear Solo smartwatch in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the website.

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