Samsung responds to the Galaxy S6 Edge bending concerns with its own test video

samsung galaxy s6 bend testSamsung has officially responded to the Galaxy S6 Edge stress test video which was released last Thursday by SquareTrade. The official press release from the company said that the level of force used by the test in the video was way above normal levels experienced in real life.

According to a test conducted by SquareTrade, the Galaxy S6 Edge was bent when a force of 110lb was applied to the device. The video released by the company on April 2nd shows that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bent and its screen shattered when subjected to the above mentioned level of force. However, even after the test, the phone was operational.

SquareTrade is a company which offers warranties for smartphones, tablets, and other types of electronic gadgets. The company also conducted the same stress test on a number of other smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus and the HTC One M9. The iPhone 6 Plus also bent under the same level of force, however, the Apple device sustained no major damages to its display. The HTC One M9 was a bit more resistant as it bent only after being subjected to 120 pounds of force. However, the device became non-operational after the test.

Samsung’s official release explains two major problems with the test conducted by SquareTrade. The South Korean giant claims that smartphones are not usually subjected to these levels of stress under real life situations. Even when a person sits on a smartphone, the average pressure applied is just 66lbf, which is almost half of the pressure used in the test. The company further adds that both its flagship devices, namely the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, retain their body structure even when subjected to 79lbf.

Samsung also pointed out that the person in the video only tests the front side of the device. The company claims that smartphones often have different levels of durability on its front and back sides, and SquareTrade must ensure that they check both the sides before judging the durability of the device.

In the press release, the company reveals that it will contact SquareTrade and ask them to publicly conduct a new test which will check the durability of both the front and the back. The company also released its own internal test video to the public today. The tester in the video carries out a three-point bend test up to 80lbf to show that both the S6 and the S6 Edge suffer no damages even at that level of force.

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