Samsung reportedly working on Context, a service which collects user information to improve apps

Samsung has always released something new in terms of software when it announces its flagship device every year. The company will most likely continue the trend this year too as the Information suggests that Samsung is working on a service called Context which will help developers and apps know more about the user.

The service will collect essential information about the usage of the smartphone user and make it available to app developers to improve the effectiveness of their apps. Context will use information like the apps opened, words typed, data from the sensors etc. to help developers tweak their apps and services according to the preferences of the user. For example, this service can help to deliver targeted Ads like a sports video to a person who uses sports app or who types words related to sports.

However, exact details of the service is still unknown as the company has not yet revealed anything regarding the software on its next flagship, Galaxy S5. Also, it may happen that the service does not make it to Samsung devices as the source added that Samsung wasn’t sure whether Context will help drive its Smartphone sales.

Also, using a service like Context can be harmful for the image of the company. This is because, recording every movement and action of the user would mean violating his or her privacy, which won’t be appreciated by users around the globe. At this time, when users are infuriated with the news about NSA surveillance and the government’s PRISM program, releasing a service like Context may not be the best thing to do. But given that Samsung has not revealed anything as of now, there are chances that the service may not be released at all.

While Samsung is known for its feature rich smartphones; on the software side, the company still has a lot to improve. Its Touchwiz UI, which although comes with many features, has been criticized by experts over the past few years. So, there are rumors that this year the company would redesign TouchWiz totally to provide a unique and smooth experience to its smartphone users.

The company has even teased users with a picture of redesigned icons for its interface, which may mean that one might find a whole new interface on the Galaxy S5. Given that the redesigned Sense 5 interface worked for HTC, redesigning the old TouchWiz UI may actually be the right thing to do.

Galaxy S5 is expected to release on February 24th at MWC, so stay tuned for more information on the software and the hardware of the device.

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