Samsung registers ‘Gear VR’ trademark, could be the rumored VR headset

Samsung registers 'Gear VR' trademark, could be the rumored VR headsetA few weeks back, Engadget reported that Samsung was working with Oculus to create a virtual reality headset of their own. Looks like these rumors were true as the company has registered a trademark for the name ‘Gear VR’ which could hint at the possible launch of a virtual reality headset from the company. Samsung has always used the name ‘Gear’ in its wearable devices and it’s quite likely that Gear VR is the company’s next virtual reality headset.

The trademark application from the company was first reported by Sam Mobile. The trademark was filed on June 12 according to the trademark document and then later published on June 16.

While there are limited numbers of VR companies in the market as of now, it is expected that many new companies will enter this industry in the coming years. Oculus and Sony are probably the two major players in the market but they won’t be the only ones in the coming years. This registration is the best example that proves that companies are looking to take advantage of the booming industry at this nascent stage.

But things were not always so bright for the VR industry. In fact, some even said that VR headsets would only attract technophiles, so the industry won’t grow as much as others. However, things started changing with the introduction of Oculus Rift VR headset as well as Sony’s Project Morpheus VR device. Both the companies have proved that VR is the future and their devices have managed to impress almost everyone who got to play with them.

So Samsung’s entry into the industry won’t come as a surprise. However, what was surprising was the fact that the South Korean giant decided to collaborate with Oculus for its VR device. But this partnership could benefit both the parties. Samsung will reportedly get access to the final version of the VR headset, which would help them to improve their own device and in turn Oculus would get early access to Samsung’s next generation OLED screens.

According to earlier reports, Samsung would use the VR headset with its Galaxy devices. Users will have to connect the device into the VR headset, which will be its screen and the rear camera on the back will provide video feed to the outside world.

Things are looking good for the VR industry and soon we may see VR headsets being used extensively in a number of fields like gaming. Stay tuned for more coverage on VR headsets.


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