Samsung Note 4 to come with new fingerprint features

samsung-galaxy-s5-fingerprint-scannerSamsung is all set to launch the next flagship in the Note lineup on September 3rd and the company has already released a number of teaser videos to give us a glimpse of what we’ll see at the launch.

Like previous years, this year’s Note 4 too would come with advanced technology like handwriting feature, special selfie side button etc. Now a new report from Sam Mobile states that the device will have a smart fingerprint sensor which will let users do much more than just unlock their phones.

According to their source, Galaxy Note 4 will have the same Synaptic Natural ID solution as found on the existing Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha smartphones. This particular technology is much advanced and better than the one found on Apple’s iPhone 5 as it allows the separation of the fingerprint sensor element outside the sensor circuit board too.

So, users will be able to unlock their smartphones with much precision and accuracy as compared to the iPhone’s sensor. Also, as the sensor isn’t just located on the home button, the sensor array is much wider starting from the lower part of the display which extends till the home button. This means that the device can recognize fingerprints with better accuracy.

Along with improved accuracy there’s lot of new software additions too. For example, the source claims that users will be able to open up applications directly from the lock screen with the help of their fingers.
Moreover, some websites have even started accepting fingerprint log in which means that the sensor will soon be used for much more than just unlocking a smartphone.

Along with the improved fingerprint sensor, Galaxy Note 4 will also come with a smart S pen. The recent teaser released by the company focused on the handwriting recognition capability of the S Pen which means
we’ll soon see a lot of new features like converting handwriting into contacts, memos etc. on the upcoming Note 4 handset.

There’s another interesting feature rumored to debut with the device. Earlier reports said that the device will be ideal for selfie addicts as it will come with a new side touch feature for clicking pictures. So, you can click selfies without any hassle just by touching a particular portion on the side rim. This feature would be an instant hit especially if Samsung incorporates a powerful 16MP Sony sensor as rumors predict.

We expect many such features on the upcoming Note 4, so make sure you tune in to the official announcement at IFA Berlin on September 3rd.

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