Samsung may use Exynos chip in Galaxy S6 instead of Snapdragon 810

Samsung may use Exynos chip in Galaxy S6 instead of Snapdragon 810Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be one of the most important announcements for the company in the past few years since its last generation device didn’t do as well as expected. It is said that the company sold 40 percent fewer units than expected of the current Galaxy S5 flagship model. So, a highly successful Galaxy S6 is the need of the day.

Bloomberg reported earlier yesterday that Samsung may replace Qualcomm’s chipset with its in house Exynos chips in the upcoming model. Qualcomm has been the company’s chip partner ever since Galaxy SII and this year the company may break this partnership. While the exact reason for such a decision is not revealed by the source, it is said that the ultra-powerful Snapdragon 810 becomes too hot with use and hence, Samsung is not ready to take a risk fitting its important flagship with this chipset. Unfortunately, anything less than 810 would be old for a Samsung flagship, which is probably why the company could have taken the decision to opt for its own Exynos chipset. Moreover, the newer Exynos chips are as powerful as capable as other competitors in the market which should further induce the company to use its own processors.

The source said that the South Korean giant will use the company’s most advanced Exynos chipset, which is probably the Exynos 7. It could be a new processor too but nothing has been confirmed so far.  Whatever the chip the new S6 comes with, the company must make sure that it performs as well or even better than the other flagships that will soon enter the market with a Snapdragon 810 processor.

It is said that Samsung is still testing out prototype devices for the Galaxy S6 and has not yet finalized on a model. The prototypes include a rumored dual edge display edition which the company may unveil as a special version alongside the regular S6. Also, Korean media confirmed today that the Galaxy S6 will indeed launch at MWC on March 2. The source quotes a Samsung executive who confirmed the report.

Exact specifications of the phone have not yet been revealed, but some rumors claim that the phone will have a unibody design with a glass back. This would be very different from the current design of its flagships, so we will have to wait and see what Samsung has in store for us at the March 2’s MWC event.

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