Samsung Knox Devices Get NSA Approval for Government Use

Samsung Knox Devices Get NSA Approval for Government UseThe US National Security Agency (NSA) has approved several Samsung Galaxy devices for government use. This approval is under a program for faster deployment of  commercially available technologies.

The products selected under this program, which is also in coordination with the Central Security Service, include Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 10.1.2014 Edition, and Galaxy S4  and S5. These devices have just joined a list under the mobile platform classification. Also new in that list is Boeing Black, the aircraft maker’s own smartphone for security and defense applications.

Meeting tight security standards

According to the Commercial Solutions for Classified program, the new list of devices has met NSA’s strict security standards. It clarified that this inclusion may not actually  translate into bigger government orders for Samsung devices.

But this inclusion in the listing may bolster the standing of devices from Samsung that are based on its Knox platform. Knox is a platform based on Android that intends to enhance the security of open-source Android. Logically, devices that are under this platform enables users to switch between personal usage and protected Knox Workspace.

This also means the Samsung Knox devices may already be a viable substitute or option for BlackBerry products in the government and enterprise markets, where security is a top factor when it comes to clients’ purchase decisions.

Higher hopes for the brand

It can be recalled that last June, Samsung revealed that it has been actively seeking security certifications for its devices from a number of relevant government agencies  globally. That same month, five of its devices were also included in the list of technology products that took the approval from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), a unit of the Us Department of Defense.

The list from the Commercial Solutions for Classified program supplements the list from DISA in addressing full range of government security objectives in the US. Samsung  recently noted that it is now the only device manufacturer that has mobile devices on both lists. The company hopes that this news could further bolster its brand image and credibility. 

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