Samsung in trouble as Note 4 users report screen gap issue

Samsung in trouble as Note 4 users report screen gap issueApple’s iPhone 6 Plus was making the headlines all for the wrong reasons last week as users reported that the device was easily bendable with a little pressure on the sides. In fact, some users even reported that their iPhones were bent just by keeping it in their pockets.

Naturally, Samsung wasn’t going to just watch others make fun of the new Apple device as the South Korean giant too took to twitter to poke fun of Apple’s first 5.5 inch handset. But it looks like Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 4 is in trouble this time as some of the first users who got their device back in South Korea saw that their Note 4’s came with a gap between the display and the frame of the device.

While the Note 4 hasn’t started shipping yet in the most countries including US, the company released the device a few days earlier than planned in its home country of South Korea. But looks like the haste in the release has cost the company badly as few users have reported a serious design flaw is their unboxed devices.

The gap between the display and the frame isn’t quite significant, at least when you look at it. But even if it doesn’t make the device ugly, it does make it susceptible to a number of new problems. For example, your Note 4 will soon get dirty due to the dust accumulated in it and it can even affect the waterproofing capability of the handset.

The gap is as thick as a credit card throughout the body, which you can see clearly in the image attached above.

Samsung reportedly made the release earlier due to the increasing pressure from its rival, Apple. The Cupertino giant’s iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus have been selling like hot cakes, which could have forced Samsung to speed up the release of its own Note 4, which is a direct competitor to the larger iPhone 6 Plus.

According to IT Times, a Samsung representative said that the company was aware of the issue. However, till now, the company has not announced any replacement program for such affected handsets.

But after this extensive coverage of the defect, we are pretty sure that we would soon hear some kind of replacement program for the affected devices in the coming few days.

Note 4 is currently up for pre-order on Verizon, AT&T and T Mobile. We hope that Samsung takes care of the issue and the soon to be shipped handsets in the country don’t come with this defect.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the website as we have a feeling that Apple will have something to say about this newly discovered Note 4 defect.

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