Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, specs and rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date, specs and rumorsAlthough Samsung was doing well in the past few years, things are not looking good for the company in 2014. Just recently, the South Korean giant in a regulatory filing said that its profits had plunged 60 percent which naturally meant the company has to bounce back with its upcoming releases.

The latest release was the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which like all other Note series devices received positive feedback from customers and critics alike. While the company may be able to improve its financials to some extent with the success of Note 4, it still needs its upcoming flagships and budget devices to do well in the market.

Now that Note 4 is out of the bag, rumors and speculations are going around the internet about the next company flagship, the Galaxy S6. Yes, it’s been only around a month since Note 4 was unveiled, and we already have some hot news about the upcoming Galaxy S6.

First of all, unlike earlier Galaxy S devices, the new Galaxy S6 will mostly likely feature a full metal finish. Samsung has been criticized in the past for its traditional and boring plastic finish, so like the new Note 4; the upcoming flagship too is expected to come with a premium metal body.

Further, S6 could come with a 4K screen, i.e. a resolution of 3840 x 2160 along with a curved screen. There could be two versions like the Note 4, one being the traditional phone, while the other being the S6 edge with curved sides.

As for the processor, the phone will most likely feature Snapdragon’s latest chipset, probably Snapdragon 808 or 810. Some rumors say that the device will have the same 16MP sensor found on the S5, with some minor improvements. However, we have a hard time believing these rumors as the same camera as the old flagship would be a big letdown. Given that camera is one of the most important aspects that consumers look for in a phone, we expect the next Samsung flagship to at least feature a much bigger module, something like a 20MP rear shooter.

Samsung could continue its tradition of announcing the device around MWC, so we can expect the announcement to be somewhere early March. However, there are some industry sources predicting an early launch to compete with the iPhone 6 Plus which has received tremendous response from consumers.

End of the day, we are sure fans would be willing to wait for a few more months provided the company manages to produce something out of the ordinary for its next flagship.

So what feature would you like to see in the next Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship?

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