Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown suggests its hard to repair

Smartphone reparability has never been one of the significant factors affecting consumer choice, but still, every time a new flagship makes way into the market, enthusiasts try to tear down the device to look how well it’s built inside. 

The latest Galaxy S5 too got a similar treatment, and the tear down reveals that the device is not that easy to repair. While most of the internal parts are attached with the help of traditional screws, the major portion of the teardown was spent removing the screen which is attached using a strong double sided adhesive.

This year Samsung decided to make its flagship, IP67 certified instead of releasing a separate version which is waterproof and dustproof. Last year, the company revealed a new model known as the Galaxy S4 Active which came with these above mentioned features. But S5’s waterproof feature meant that the screen and the parts are fixed tightly to the body, making no room for water or dust to spoil the internal chipsets.

While this tight build is one of the factors giving it the waterproof ability, it does not make things easier for technicians to repair the device. A tear down from one of Russian tech groups took around one hour, with most of the time spent on removing the large screen.

The waterproof double sided adhesive did not come off that easily. Heat was of some help, but as soon as it cooled down, the adhesive kept the screen in its place. So, it took a lot of time and efforts to remove the screen from the smartphone body.

However, as soon as the screen was removed, things got much easier. Inside, parts were fixed with the help of 10 screws. Samsung has made some changes in the design, limiting the number of microphones to two and giving the battery a more rectangular shape.

So, customers should definitely take care of the device as repairing it would be a tedious process.  However, it’s not as bad as it sounds, as it’s quite likely that the user won’t face this problem because of the strong build.

Smartphones these days are integrating complex technologies and powerful chipsets which makes it hard for companies to fit everything into a device of such a small form factor. Naturally, newer phones are ranking low in the reparability category which is evident from this tear down and the recent iFixit tear down of the HTC One which also had a complex build making it hard to repair.

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