Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessibility Features Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessibility Features RevealedSamsung’s flagship devices have always been up to date with technology and this year’s Galaxy S5 too came with plenty of advanced features like a fingerprint sensor, water proof body and a great camera. While Samsung has been the company which sets the trend for other Smartphone manufacturers in the market, this year, the company decided to equip its Galaxy S5 with a number of accessibility features to help the disabled. This is one particular area where major manufacturers have not really focused and hence, it’s quite likely that other smartphone giants will soon follow this trend.

Samsung’s interest in enabling the disabled was evident from the launch of special accessories about a month back for its Galaxy Core Advance smartphone. During the announcement, Samsung added that it planned to release the same for other smartphones too. But looks like the company decided to integrate some features directly into its flagship so that the disabled can use the phone just like any other person.

Accessibility Features for People with Visual Impairments

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a number of features to help people with visual impairments. Talkback is an Android feature customized by Samsung which reads anything on the screen. This helps the user to operate the smartphone without having to look on the screen. It also helps the user take perfect pictures by guiding him to position his face at the center.

Other features like reverse colors, dark screen, font size adjustments will helps S5 users with little or no eyesight to operate the device.

Accessibility Features for People with Hearing Impairments

People with hearing impairments often struggle to detect a phone call or a notification. However, with the help of Galaxy S5’s special features, things get easier for such people. The special tools on the phone can convert every audio output into vibration notifications. So the user can attend calls, receive notifications and play games with the help of haptic feedback.

Galaxy S5 also comes with a baby crying detector which notifies the user when the baby is crying with the help of vibrations. This feature is ideal for moms and dads with hearing problems.

Accessibility Features for the Physically Challenged

Galaxy S5 comes with an assistant menu which helps the user access their favorite apps without any hassle. The apps on the menu can be customized and the user can change the size and speed of the virtual cursor too.

The user can wake up the device by waving their hand in front of the screen and can bring up the accessibility menu by pressing the home button three times.

These features would definitely help people with impairments and if Samsung could add some accessories like the ones released for Galaxy Core Advanced, people with disability too can enjoy the features of a high end smartphone like any other person.

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