Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Delayed: Here’s Why

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Galaxy Note 8 News | Release of Galaxy Note 8 might be delayed, Samsung says. Photo Credit: Twitter/Galaxy Note 8 News

Since the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 happened, Samsung prepared a new and safer phone, the Galaxy Note 8.  The company would probably release it in the fall, similar to the release date of the Note 7.  But, according to reports, it will have a much later release date.  

The late release of the Note 8 is due to the fact that Samsung Electronics wants to enhance product safety.  The Note 7 had so many negative feedbacks last year, bordering on an exploding battery and more.  There was an investigation done to delve deeper into what caused the fires on the device.  The recall of the Note 7 also cost them a $5.3 million loss in profits.

The reason behind the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Mobile Chief Koh Dong-jin announced that they placed procedures in order to avoid the device catching on fire, reports Times of Oman.  Koh added that the incident deeply reflects their culture and process.  And so, they are working hard to regain the trust of its consumers.    Koh confirms that they will not unveil the Galaxy 8 in Barcelona this February 27.  The company once again joins the Mobile World Congress Trade.  It is the company’s traditional forum for launching premium Samsung products.  

Samsung does not seem too worried in launching its new phone amidst controversies, according to Droid Life.  It even has 10,000 people signing up for future Note updates.  They are also confident that their consumers are loyal to the brand.  Samsung’s fans will surely want a new Samsung handset soon.

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company located in Samsung town, Seoul.  It also has other affiliated businesses and considered the biggest South Korean business conglomerate.  Lee Byung-chul is the founder of the company in 1938.  Since then, it has expanded into different areas that includes food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and even retail.  It also globalized most of its activities and electronics, making them its important moneymakers.  

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