Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may come with a retina scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 may come with a retina scannerFingerprint scanner is kind of becoming the standard right now on top end phones for security, however, there’s something even better and secure than this technology and soon, we may see it on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

A recent teaser from Samsung’s official Exynos twitter account revealed a phablet with a large eye on its display. The phone on the image posted via the account was way different than regular Galaxy smartphones and comes with a squarish design with extremely thin bezels. On top of its display is a giant eye, which looks like a retina scanner.

From the image and the timing of the post, this could be the next Galaxy Note 4 phablet, but nothings confirmed as of now. It definitely looks like Samsung is trying to reveal more about its upcoming retina scanner; however the image or the tweet says nothing about the device it may come with.

The twitter handle posted the image with a tweet saying, “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision. What would you use?”

So, a retina scanner could be Samsung’s answer to the security problems on current smartphones. Given that we are just a few months away from the official Galaxy Note 4 launch, we hope that we see this new tech on the Note 3 successor.

Along with the phablet, there are some graphics on the right of the image which looks like some bill payments to be made. This could mean that the retina scanner is capable of making online bill payments too.

It actually makes sense. Fingerprint technology, although secure has many flaws which hackers can exploit. But hacking a retina scanner is way more difficult, which makes it extremely secure to make online payments. This means, retina scanner is way better than a traditional fingerprint scanner to protect your sensitive personal data.

Further, this isn’t the first time we are hearing about retina scanner tech from Samsung. Galaxy S5 which was unveiled earlier this year was expected to come with retina scanning technology, but it seemed like the South Korean giant was still not ready with the tech.

But judging from the recent teaser, it looks like Samsung may finally incorporate this amazing tech on its upcoming devices. At this moment, we can only hope that it comes with Galaxy Note 4 and it is as good and accurate as experts claim it to be.

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