Samsung Galaxy Note 4 costs $260 to produce

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 costs $260 to produceSamsung’s Galaxy Note series has always been one of the most popular smartphone lineups worldwide and its recent Galaxy Note 4 phablet was as well received as its previous generations. The device came with top of the line specifications, with even a version with a display on the edge, which is something that we haven’t seen in smartphones till now.

Clearly, the latest Note series phone comes with lots of new technology and high end features, which would naturally translate into higher production costs. While we won’t be able to guess the exact cost of producing the Note 4, we can add up the internal costs of components to get a fair idea as to how costly it is.

That’s exactly what Tech Insights did recently as they tore down the latest Note 4 for calculating the total cost of its parts and assembly. Their tear down revealed that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the costliest smartphone the company has produced till date, with the total cost of components going up to $260.

This is much more than the component cost of other rivals like iPhones. The same website did a tear down of the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and both the phones were much cheaper to make. The total internal component cost of iPhone 6 went up to $227 while the larger model costs $242.

The costliest component inside the Note 4 is unsurprisingly its Quad HD display. The 5.7 inch 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution panel costs $66.50. The processor costs around $40.50 while the 16MP camera module costs around $25.50. Most of the other internals cost less than $20, but the total cost comes to around $260.

But even though this is the costliest smartphone from the company till date, the South Korean giant has priced the device around the same figure as last year’s flagship. The device will be available on AT&T and Verizon for $299.99 on a two year contract.

While Sprint earlier announced that the phablet would be available for $349.99 on contract, which is higher than the other two carriers, it later revised the pricing to $299.99. Even with the change in the base price, the monthly payment remains the same i.e. you’ll have to shell out $30 per month for the next two years.

The carrier has even started accepting pre-orders and should start shipping the device from next Friday, i.e. October 17.

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