Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 are the first smartphones with Gorilla Glass 4

Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 are the first smartphones with Gorilla Glass 4If we had to thank one company for keeping our smartphones scratch less all these years, then it’s none other than Corning. Yes, Corning’s Gorilla Glass isn’t the only protective glass in the market however; it sure is the most widely used one. Gorilla Glass is found in most smartphones these days, and is directly responsible for keeping our display’s as good as new.

A few weeks back, around late November, Corning announced the latest version of its Gorilla Glass, unsurprisingly called the Gorilla Glass 4. The company claimed that it made it thinner than before but at the same time, increased its strength two times. This was indeed a great feat and we all naturally wondered when we will see this better version of Gorilla Glass on smartphones and tablets.

But it looks like Corning as well as Samsung managed to keep a big secret all this while. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha which was announced way back in August as well as the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the two devices to have used the latest generation of Gorilla Glass. So, Samsung the company who is usually not afraid to flaunt the features of its phone managed to keep this one big component a secret all this while just because Corning had not officially announced it.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 is an engineering marvel on its own. The glass just measures 0.4inches in thickness but is tough enough to survive drops on concrete. In fact, it is said in a study conducted by Corning’s experts, the major cause of broken display on a smartphone was its impact with concrete or asphalt. In order to avoid this, the company tweaked some processes and made the new version stronger and resistant to drops than ever before. The company claims that the Gorilla Glass 4 can survive a drop on concrete up to 80% of the time as compared to normal glass which almost never survives.

So, thanks to the ultra-thin yet ultra-strong Gorilla Glass 4, Samsung could make its metal clad smartphone as thin as 6.7mm.

“Device makers want to go thinner without sacrificing on damage resistance. Samsung is not only meeting these requirements, but is on the cutting edge of smartphone design. Galaxy Alpha is the culmination of our close collaboration with Samsung,” Cliff Hund, the general manager and president of Corning East Asia said in a statement.

So, would you still prefer the costly Sapphire glass or the new Gorilla Glass 4?


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