Samsung files for Galaxy Note Edge trademark

Samsung files for Galaxy Note Edge trademarkSamsung has sent out invites for the Unpacked event on September 3rd where the company will most likely announce its next flagship device, Galaxy Note 4. While the South Korean giant is yet to confirm this information, we have received plenty of leaks and reports about the upcoming phablet.

A new report states that Samsung has filed for trademark of a number of new names in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Some of the interesting names include ‘Galaxy Note Edge’, Alterna and ‘Audition’. While the first one sounds like the name of a new flagship device, the other two could be the names of upcoming features in the Galaxy lineup.

These trademarks have been filed under the smartphones category which means these names could be limited to the Galaxy line of smartphones. It may also be possible that these features are found in the upcoming Note 4 phablet.

However, given that these trademarks were filed just recently, we may not see these names in the September 3rd announcement. If Samsung was planning to use some of the features in the upcoming flagship, the company would have ideally filed them a few months before the launch. But, we are just a month away from the official reveal of the handset, which makes us wonder whether they would end up on this year’s device.

The first trademark, viz. the ‘Galaxy Note Edge’ could be the name of the rumored three sided Note 4 variant. A few days back, there was a report which said that the multi-sided OLED production had started and it’s quite likely that the name would be associated with a smartphone having a display on its edges.

But the same report said that the production would be limited, as the device used a plastic substrate which is available only in limited quantities. So, as we said earlier, this year we might see two different variants of the device, with the three sided version available to a limited number of customers.

We have not yet seen a final product with multi-sided display, but GSMArena managed to get hold of pictures of the regular version which will hit the market pretty soon.

If these images turn out to be true, the new Galaxy Note 4 will have a slightly different design than its previous generations. There are hardly any bezels on the screen with edge to edge display like other flagships.

The overall shape remains the same, but the device definitely looks bigger, somewhere around 5.7 inches in size. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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