Samsung Electronics Updates its Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook

Samsung Electronics Updates its Ativ Book 9 Plus UltrabookSamsung Electronics is not just all about smartphones. The Korean technology firm also has its impressive lineup of laptop PCs. One of those is the Ativ Book 9 Plus. But the company must have realized that it is high time to provide updates to the product.

The company has recently announced a new and upgraded version of the laptop. This time, it features a much better processor and a bigger storage. It could be a plus factor that it comes with a new operating system. The improvements may come with increased price tags but users would certainly feel that it is all worth it. So what are the new and impressive features of the upgraded laptop?

Retained impressive features

The updated version of the laptop still possesses the main features that are inherent on the original model. To begin with, it has a light and slim design, making it sleek and chic looking. The display resolution remains high at 3,200 X 1,800 pixels on top of a touch-capable screen.

The laptop even retained the main features like its dual-band Wi-Fi. There is a specialized hinge that is standing up to facilitate touch capabilities without possibly impeding typical laptop usage. These are the same features that initially made Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook impressive.

Newly enhanced features

The new configuration has an improved processor: Intel Core i7-4500U. Thus, the laptop is much speedier in overall performance. There would also be higher clock speed as well as bigger cache size. Improved graphics performance is guaranteed.

Samsung has also upgraded the new version’s storage. The solid-state drive was increased from 128GB to 256GB. Logically, the bigger drive facilitates two times the overall storage space. At the same time, it facilitates enhancements on performance of a typical solid-state drive.

New operating system

As expected, the new Ativ Book 9 Plus Ultrabook runs on the recently launched Windows 8.1 operating system of Microsoft Corp. Thus, the laptop is touch-friendly and comes with familiar Windows features, including the very much missed Start button on the screen.

The PC also comes with optional boot-to-desktop, more seamless transitions from start screen to desktop screen, and enhanced options to use multiple apps in side-by-side windows. It is just logical for this update laptop version to be quite costly, though. It would be sold for $1,799.00 when it reaches the market early next month.

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