Samsung Electronics Takes Responsibility for Faulty Smartphones Sold in China

Samsung Electronics Faulty Smartphones Sold in ChinaSamsung Electronics has apologized to users of its Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II in China. That apology came after the company was slammed over reports that numerous consumers from all across the country have been using faulty units of the devices.

‘Economic Half-Hour,’ a TV show aired over China Central Television (CCTV) aired a report earlier this week about the complaints of some Samsung smartphone users. The problems involved crashing of devices probably because of defective memory chips. The local media even criticized the handset manufacturer’s repair policies in the area.

Logically, Samsung took no time to issue its resentment over the matter. In a translated statement, it said it appreciates the scrutiny from local media. Along with its ‘sincere apologies,’ the company cited management issues for the reported problems. China is one of Samsung’s most important markets because demand of smart devices in the area remains robust.

Samsung’s solutions

Initially, Samsung has rolled out a wireless firmware update that may help prevent problems. Some handsets reportedly crash for up to 30 times daily. According to experts, this may be due to outdated chips that were used as components in the devices.

Aside from that, the company also offers free repairs of the affected phones. Its Chinese customers are advised to bring their defective handsets to any Samsung service center to avail its offering. Units that may no longer be fixed would be automatically replaced at no charge. Moreover, warranty for units that were manufactured prior to November 30, 2012 would have a year-long extension.

Problems in other markets

It seems that Samsung is having problems over defective units not just in China but in many other markets. Some users of Samsung Galaxy S4 from other countries have been reporting possible battery issues. They complain that their batteries drain rapidly. Some complaints are about physical swelling of the entire pack. The company has already acknowledged and admitted its fault in such problems. But it assured US customers that those issues are not evident in the country.

Again, Samsung advised its international customers to drop by the nearest Samsung service center in their country or city. The company assured that those affected users could obtain instant battery replacement free of charge. At the same time, Samsung has emphasized that it maintains its commitment to provide only the best user experience to its loyal customers.

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