Samsung Electronics Introduces New Slimmer Tablet, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Samsung Electronics- Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Samsung Electronics has unveiled the latest version of its Galaxy Tab 3—the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite. As the name implies, the new slate is a slimmer and logically more portable version of the popular tablet. It is obviously designed for users who prefer a lighter device especially when going places.

There are a few changes that the device manufacturer made in the new tablet. As mentioned, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has a slim and light-weight design. Second, it comes with a bezel that is comparatively more compact, making it more comfortable to be carried around even in just a single hand.

Interestingly, Samsung has put the menu bar on that same bezel. In the predecessor and in other tablet models, the menu bar is usually in the screen. But with the departure to the traditional design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is able to maximize its users’ wide-screen experience.

Inherent features

As expected, the new tablet has a lot of similarities with its predecessor. Just like the Galaxy Tab 3, it comes with a 7-inch display with resolution of 1,024 X 600. It operates on 1.2GHz dual-core processor with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The overall appearance is undoubtedly patterned after the preceding tablet, only that the new one is strikingly more compact, slimmer, and lighter.

It is not surprising that Samsung decided to retain the Smile Shot feature. Thus, the tablet could automatically shoot pictures whenever it detects smile. Of course, the Panorama Shot is also not to be missed. To support these features is the Shoot & Share capability to facilitate easier and faster sharing of photographs.

Other features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has a more powerful battery, 3,600mAh type. The battery can make it last and perform longer compared to the earlier version. However, the new slate is equipped with just a 2-megapixel camera facing the rear. The front-facing shooter is missing for obvious reasons (could be the ultra slim design).

The slim tablet also comes with 1GB of RAM along with 8GB of built-in storage. Of course, memory storage capacity is expandable to up to 32GB through Micro SD. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite connects via Wi-Fi. To support it, the slate is also capable of tapping 3G and 2G networks.

Samsung is yet to announce the release date as well as the pricing details of the new slim tablet. But this early, it disclosed that Galaxy Tab 3 Lite would be sold globally and in two color options—black or white.

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