Samsung Electronics Introduces Its New Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Electronics Introduces Its New Galaxy Grand 2Samsung Electronics has unveiled Galaxy Grand 2, the follow up to the 5-inch Galaxy Grand mobile phone that it launched last year. The new device is bigger at 5.25 inches. It also boasts of improved HD viewing capability, enhanced performance, and several added intuitive features.

The consumer electronics firm said Galaxy Grand 2 would be a perfect device for watching movies on the go, playing different games, and reading e-books. The new handset would also be ideal for multitasking because it comes with its own Multi Window feature that would use the large screen for facilitating utilization of two applications simultaneously.

Galaxy Grand 2 would operate on Android 4.3 Jelly Beam. It would use a quad core processor and a 2,600mAH battery, which would expand battery life to about 17 hours of usual call time and up to 10 hours of continuous video and music playback. To enable users to swap between wireless networks, the device would also come with a dual-SIM feature.

Of course, the new product would have Wi-Fi Internet connection capability. It would also support GPS usage and HSPA+ connectivity. Many would be disappointed that it still does not feature 4G LTE online capability, but Samsung assures that users would not feel the absence.

Camera features

Not surprisingly, Galaxy Grand 2 also comes with interesting camera features. It has Best Face, Continuous Shot, Best Photo, and Story Album. These would be useful especially because the handset has 1.9-megapixel camera at the front. At its back is an 8-megapixel camera.

To further make the new mobile phone impressive, it features the S Translator, Sound & Shot (which records 9 seconds of sound with photos), S Travel, and Samsung Hub. Its Group Play facilitates listening to music, sharing of documents, and playing games at the same time. Meanwhile, Samsung Link connects it with other devices for accessibility of pictures, videos, music, and documents from various locations.

Other details

The company is yet to announce pricing scheme as well as actual launch date. But this early, we may expect the new Galaxy Grand 2 to come in the classic black or white color. Some units would also be sold in pink color but only in selected regions.

Samsung clarified that the new device would not be its biggest handset to date. Its 5.25-inch size compares to 6.3 inches of the Galaxy Mega and to 5.7 inches of display of the popular Galaxy Note.

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