Samsung Electronics Files Patent for Smartphone with Foldable Dual Display

Samsung Electronics Files Patent for foldable Dual DisplayFuture smartphones from Samsung Electronics may feature a unique foldable dual display, which could make the devices literally transformable. The smartphone manufacturer has filed a patent for such a design of handset.

The same patent coincides with the company’s recent disclosure as it aims for the development of smartphones with foldable displays. It aims to complete development and unveil the new concept handset by 2015. Thus, technology enthusiasts now have another thing to look forward to.

The patent filing for the foldable dual display describes approaches that would support handset that would in turn operate on multiple displays. Thus, new design of smartphones would require new interfaces that would accommodate new form factors. It would also alter the current functions of smartphone applications.

Interesting features of the patented device

The newly patented design would also feature touch gesture of users through connected touch screen displays. It would also display data based on detection and its control method. The patented design of a new device would also take several modes like bendable flexible displays or dual displays connected by hinge.

It would be a portable handset that would set a bookmark of an e-book that would be displayed in a display. Pages could be moved while the e-book is displayed to respond to folding of dual display. That would be interesting.

It would also be possible to use that proposed design to facilitate video conference where second touch screen display could showcase document file or white board as shared by participants. Lastly, it would also be interesting how the newly patented smartphone would function when used for mobile gaming. The device would possibly provide game information simultaneously to two actual players.

Uncertainties about the patent

However, information about the same patent indicates that the filing was made in the first quarter of 2012. Thus, many analysts doubt if the 2015 target would be achieved. It should be noted that not all patent applications actually turn into products. Patent filings also present unclear and non-specific ideas about timing of product launches to the market.

This is not unique to Samsung. Even its rival, Apple Inc has filed many patents in the past that did not turn into actual products. But since the patent filings are active, other companies may not have the chance to develop similar designs of products since those are already patented.

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