Samsung developing a foldable tablet which will launch in 2015

Samsung developing a foldable tabletAlthough Galaxy Round managed to get some attention from fans and critics worldwide, the device was not as well received as the company would have expected. The device had a curved form factor; however the design did not bring any significant features to the handset.

But that was just a start as new reports claim that Samsung is already working on foldable tablets which it plans to launch by early next year. Unlike Galaxy Round, which was just curved a little, this particular tablet which is currently under development can reportedly be folded twice, thereby converting a large tablet into the size of a regular smartphone.

The concept of foldable devices is not new as back in 2012, Samsung had patented a similar technology where the smartphone could be folded outward to transform into a tablet. However, at that time, the technology was still in its nascent stages and developing a final product which could be folded was not really possible.

But things have changed in the past two years and now, new rumors suggest that Samsung has already developed several prototypes which prove that the technology works.  In fact, the same source suggests that the company could release a final product as soon as early 2015.

The device is expected to feature an 8 inch or a 9 inch Full HD OLED screen which can be folded. A similar prototype was reportedly showcased back at MWC this year behind closed doors which may mean that these rumors may actually be true. Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet confirmed these reports, so we’ll have to take this news with a grain of salt.

However, this rumored device isn’t the only handset that will have a foldable display. Early reports suggest that the upcoming Galaxy Note phablet would come with Samsung’s three sided YOUM display where the extra two sides would be utilized to display notifications like mail, calls, messages etc. So, Galaxy Note 4 could set the stage for the launch of the much advanced foldable displays next year.

But, even if foldable displays make it to the market by next year, don’t expect it to be a mass product. These displays are expected to be costly and will most likely release in a limited number of markets like South Korea and nearby areas. Galaxy Round too had a similar limited release, so these foldable tablets too could be sold in limited quantities.

Anyways, stay tuned to the website for more information on foldable tablets from Samsung.

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