Samsung could be working on a round smartwatch

Samsung could be working on a round smartwatchSamsung recently unveiled the Gear Live smartwatch running Google’s latest platform for wearables, Android Wear. But along with Samsung, there were two other major manufacturers who released Android Wear running devices. One was LG, and the other was Motorola. While, LG’s smartwatch too sported a traditional squarish design, Motorola came up with something new in the smartwatch industry, a round design.

Moto 360 smartwatch was an instant hit among fans due to its refined looks and circular design. There was no doubt that the device looked better than the other alternatives in the market.

But it looks like Motorola isn’t the only company interested in round smartwatches. According to a recent report, Samsung got patent licenses to several round smartwatch designs which were filed back in March 2013. So, if the company is still developing the patented design, then a round smartwatch from the South Korean giant is a possibility.

The design has a round display with a sensor on the band. And if you look closely, then you will notice a lot of similarity between the patented design and the current design of the Gear smartwatch lineup. So, it’s a possibility that Samsung considered making a round smartwatch last year but later on went with a square design for its smartwatches.

However, it’s also possible that the company is thinking of bringing back the round design. Gear 2 samrtwatches have not really sold as well as the company would have expected and a refreshed design with better specs in the next release could definitely improve its chances of success.

As we have said above, Moto 360’s design was well received by fans and experts alike, so Samsung could bring these concept designs into existence.

The design reveals a sensor on the smartwatch band, which could be anything from a camera to a heart rate sensor. Some even say that the sensor could be a gesture recognition tech which allows you to control your watch with the help of simple gestures like a flick of a finger. This would make sense given that navigating on a small screen like the one on a smartwatch is always difficult.

And if Samsung does build a round smartwatch, the next question would be whether it would run Tizen or Android Wear. In recent times, Samsung has been promoting its Tizen OS, but Google is not exactly happy with this behavior. So, it could be a big dilemma for the company as to which OS to choose for its next smartwatch.

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