Samsung Bloatware hardly used by its flagship users

Samsung Bloatware hardly used by its flagship usersSamsung may be the world’s largest smartphone maker, but according to recent reports, the apps that come preloaded with its smartphones are not doing so well in the market. The number of users that use the app everyday are quite low as compared to third party apps on Samsung’s flagship devices like the S3 and the S4.

The research company, Strategy Analytics surveyed over 250 Galaxy S4 and S3 users in US and analyzed their app usage pattern. The survey revealed interesting results and the analysis indicate that its flagship users hardly use the inbuilt apps that come with the smartphone.

No Love for Samsung’s Bloatware

Most of Samsung’s apps come preloaded with its smartphones and some are available through the company’s app store and the Google play store. However, the preinstalled apps are seldom used according to the research.

For example, one of Samsung’s famous apps, ChatOn, which is said to have crossed the 100 million users mark, was used for just 6 seconds per month by the users. In comparison, users spent over 151 minutes on Instagram and over 11 hours on Facebook per month. Even Google’s apps like Google Search, YouTube and Play Store got over 150 minutes per month of usage times on these devices.

S Memo and S voice were the most used Samsung apps, but still the usage times were not even close to other famous third party apps.

“Clearly, Galaxy Sx series have succeeded in creating more engagement by growing the overall pie, but its own content and media strategy is faring low at the moment” said Bonny Joy, Chief of Consumer Telemetry Platforms. “Galaxy S5 is a step-upgrade from the Galaxy S4, but as far as content and media is concerned, little has changed to draw consumer attention to its latest launch.”

No Option to Delete these Bloatware

Samsung’s apps that come preinstalled with the device cannot be removed easily. So, even if the consumers don’t use them often, the apps remain on the phone. Also, the installation figures given by Samsung for its apps do not indicate the actual usage. For example, the above mentioned ChatOn app boasts of over 100 million users, but the report indicated that users use it for only 6 seconds per month. So even if it’s installed in millions of devices, users prefer other apps like Whatsapp and Viber for chatting. This is probably the case with most other Samsung apps.

Although these apps cannot be deleted easily, Samsung’s home country, South Korea recently passed a law which forced smartphone manufacturers to give users the option to delete apps that comes with their devices. If this move inspires mobile regulators in other countries, soon users could delete this unwanted bloatware which also used up a lot of storage space on their devices.

So, manufacturers like Samsung will have to come up with better apps, if they want these apps to be used by its customers on a daily basis.

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