Samsung announces Gear S smartwatch with its own 3G radio

Samsung announces Gear S smartwatch with its own 3G radioSamsung has been busy lately with the preparations of the next Note 4 flagship. However, we still have around a week to go for that and during this time the company announced two new gadgets in the market,  a brand new Gear smartwatch and a special Gear headphones that informs you about new notifications via vibration alerts.

The company latest smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S is quite different than its usual offerings. This is the first watch from the company to come with its own 3G cellular radio which means you can receive notifications, or make calls even without a smartphone connection.

The smartwatch is also bigger than regular watches and at 2 inches; you get a lot of room for checking mails and reading notifications at a glance. The display is also curved which makes the overall design look seamless and in continuity. And like most other smartwatches out there, the strap is interchangeable and you even get a number of display customization options.

Given that it comes with its own 3G radio, your watch will always be in sync with your smartphone even without a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

Another important thing to note here is that the device runs Samsung’s own Tizen software. This makes it the third Tizen powered smartwatch from the company. On the other hand, Samsung has released only one Android powered watch in the market as of yet which clearly shows the company’s preference for the home grown Tizen OS.

The watch even comes with HERE Maps from Nokia for turn by turn navigation instead of Google Maps, which yet again shows Samsung’s intent to move away from Google’s services.

There will be a number of other compatible apps as well like 24 hours news from Financial Times, S health apps etc. Given that the device comes with a number of sensors like accelerometer, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, UV and ambient light sensors etc., it can even be considered as a fitness device. Moreover, Gear S is IP67 certified which means its dust and water proof.

Samsung also announced a new headphone late Wednesday called the Samsung Gear Circle. The device allows the user to listen to music, receive calls and even make voice commands. You even get notifications through vibration alerts, so you don’t have to check your smartphone constantly.

Samsung has not yet revealed the pricing and the availability of both these devices, but we expect more information at the IFA event in Berlin to be held next week.

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