Russia, Turkey & Iran Work Out Peace Deal For Syria In Moscow

After the devastation of the civil war, sources are claiming that peace talks are in the works for Syria. (Image Source: Flickr/Jayel Aheram)

In Syria’s part of the world, peace talks may not mean much anymore. After the devastation brought about by continuous bombing, people no longer hope for ceasefires. Instead, they are hoping for salvation in any shape or form. Russia, Turkey, and Iran have allegedly come together to deliver such a promise. Read on for a Syria war news update.

According to CNN, the main players of the war in Syria have reportedly agreed on a nationwide peace deal. This comes from the Turkish state-run news agency, Anadolu. But the original report cited an unnamed source, which claimed Ankara and Moscow will be attempting to implement the deal by midnight. Foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu can only confirm that Turkey has an agreed peace plan.

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Syria War News: Close to reaching a truce?

As per The Daily Mail UK, last week held milestones for the peace deal. The three countries agreed to adhere to certain principles in light of Aleppo’s destruction. The next set of talks will be in Astana, the capital of Kazakh.

Minister Cavusoglu said that two texts are ready for implementation. One is a political resolution on President Assad’s regime. The second were talks about the ceasefire. “They can be implemented any time,” he clarified to the media. He also affirmed that Syria’s opposition would never back Assad. Unity would be impossible under his government.

It is important to note that this is not the first time the three countries attempted a truce. A four-month ceasefire occurred before the bombing resumed out of the blue. Now, Cavusoglu emphasized that the peace deal would exclude terror groups such as ISIS.

Syria War News: Conflicting account with Russia

BBC News tells a different tale. A recent article cited Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claiming quite the opposite. He can’t confirm the Anadolu report, though Russia remains in communication with Turkey. Syrian representatives also failed to confirm the ongoing summons, from their end.

This is progress in the right direction, though many critics will cite that help has come far too late. Syria has suffered irreconcilable damages from the war. Thousands of people lie dead in the streets, while thousands more remain displaced.

Russia and Iran back President Assad, though they are both willing to do what it takes to end the bloodshed.

Would you trust in the peace deal the three countries are brokering? Let us hear your voice down in the comments below.

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