Russia Not Expecting Trump To Lift Sanctions

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Russia is eagerly watching as President-elect Donald Trump gears up for his inauguration on January 20. Russian business heads believe that the time is right to do away with the sanctions. But, Russia’s first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov revealed that the country already has a 2017 plan in place. He added that the roadmap was devised keeping in mind a fact that the sanctions may not go away and are here to stay.

Media reports reveal that the Russia’s stock market took a leap after news came out that Trump had won the elections. The RTS stock index had jumped 52 percent in dollar terms last year after Trump’s victory was one of the reasons to push it north. Shuvalov said that, while the markets expected an improvement in US-Russia ties, the government and its people had adjusted to a life of sanctions. He, like the other Russian business heads, was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, states an article in Euro News.

In course of his speech, Shuvalov hoped that Trump will collaborate with President Putin on terrorism, and global security. He hoped that the two leaders would find a solution to the Ukraine problem too. According to him it would happen if communication between the countries improved. “But for results, one needs to communicate, to talk and negotiate and not push Russia into a corner. I hope this dialogue will happen,” he said.

However, unlike Shuvalov, Andrey Kostin, head of Russia’s VTB bank urged Trump to consider removing the sanctions. He said that the sanctions had not killed the banks in Russia. But, it had given them a less bright future, states an article in RT News. He reminded everyone at Davos that Trump too was hoping to have a more constructive dialogue with Russia on international and bilateral affairs.

Sanctions in return for nuclear deal

The Trump administration has not commented if it will lift sanctions on Russia. Many believe that Trump, however, hinted about it time and again. An article in ABC News states that Trump had mentioned that he would scrap sanctions against Russia. He was going to do it,  if Russia helped America in countering terrorism and reaching other goals. According to a CNN Money report, Trump was looking for a lucrative deal on nuclear weapons in return for cancelling the sanctions. “If you get along and if Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody’s doing some really great things?” he said.

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