Rock Hill Shooting News: Casualties, What Transpired, & Everything We Know So Far

Image from Herald Online.

A Rockhill shooting took place on Sunday, resulting in one casualty and an injured person, both of whom were driven to Piedmont Medical Center. The deceased victim was identified as a male, while the injured one is a female, whose injuries aren’t too severe. Currently, no suspect has been arrested from the shooting, with more details coming in the next few days.

Herald Online has confirmed that an investigation regarding the shooting is still ongoing, as confirmed by the Rockhill police department. All we know thus far is that the police were called on 6:15 pm, and were told about the shooting victims. Right now, it’s not clear if the male was shot dead at the scene of the crime, or if he passed away going to the hospital.

It seems like the shooting gained a lot of attention, since a large crowd gathered at the hospital where the victims were taken. The police stated that the Rockhill shooting did not happen in, or near the hospital where they were taken. Mark Bollinger, the representative of the Rockhill Police, stated that the situation has calmed down and the hospital is not in lockdown.

“We have officers there assisting and detectives tell me everything has calmed down there and at the scene,” as stated by Bollinger. This makes sense, since the investigation is still ongoing, so the police are hoping to find a cause for the shooting. No suspect has been arrested either, so they will want to get all the details before making any rash decisions.

Expect more news in the coming days, regarding the Rockhill shooting and the reasons behind it. Currently, there aren’t much details to go on, though the police seem to have everything covered in the moment. Morning Ledger will have more updates as soon as they come, so stay tuned.

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