Researchers Find Average Penis Size


A new study conducted by researchers the in United Kingdom revealed the average length of the human penis.

They analyzed penises of more than 15,000 men around the world, and found that the average length of a penis is 5.2 inches. A graphical diagram of the average penis size was created by researchers after a thorough analysis.

Researchers believe that these graphs will be helpful for doctors who are treating patients anxious about penis size. “Men may present to urologists or sexual medicine clinics with a concern with their penis size, despite their size falling within a normal range,” they state.

According to the study, the average length of an erect penis was 5.2 inches (13.1 centimeters), with a circumference of 4.6 inches (11.7 centimeters) diameter. The average flaccid length was 3.6 inches (9.2 centimeters) and girth was 3.7 inches circumference (9.3 centimeters). Research showed that penises of only 2.28% of men were abnormally small.

The study, which was published in the urology journal BJU International, included a total of 15,521 men who were age 17 to 91. Their penises were measured in 20 previous studies conducted in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

“We believe these graphs will help doctors reassure the large majority of men that the size of their penis is in the normal range,” study author David Veale, MD, said in a statement. “We will also use the graphs to examine the discrepancy between what a man believes to be their position on the graph and their actual position or what they think they should be.”

In addition, researchers found that there is no link between race and penis size. They also found no relationship between a man’s foot size and the length of his manhood.

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