Razer’s first Android gaming micro-console to release this fall

Razer's first Android gaming micro-console to release this fallWhen it comes to Android based gaming consoles, there a quite a few options out there. But to be frank, none of them can be called as the ultimate gaming micro-console. OUYA, Mad Catz M.O.J.O are some of the few popular ones, but they still don’t deliver the kind of gaming experience we expect.

However, things are about to change in this segment as new entrants like Amazon Fire TV and the recently announced Android TV are all set to give some tough competition to the existing startups.

Now joining the party is Razer, the award winning company who is well known for their gaming products. The company announced at Google I/O that it would also release an Android based micro-console with special focus on gaming. Given that Razer’s gaming products are one of the best in the world, their expertise and experience could take Android’s gaming industry to new heights.

Google is partnering up with Razer for this venture as it’s the company’s first foray into Android platform. The company also assured that unlike other gaming consoles, their Android micro-console would enable ‘hardcore gaming’. However, the definition of hardcore gaming is really vague and it’s highly unlikely that you would get an experience similar to dedicated gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox One.

Still, there’s lot of room for improvement in this industry and Razer’s upcoming console could help developers speed things up. With many new gaming enabled set up boxes making it to the market, developers will have all the more reason to create graphic intensive, high end games for the Android platform.

According to the company, the device won’t just be a gaming console. It can also access movies, music, social apps and other services. Also, users can take advantage of a special Razer app to control and navigate the console.

Unfortunately, this is all we have on the console at the moment. There’s no word on the specs or even pricing of the device. However, the company did mention that it would be affordable, but these days, affordability differs from person to person, so that doesn’t really help us guess the price.

Razer has managed to impress us in the past with the way it crammed high end specs into a small form factor. So, we expect something big from the company with this new device.

It will most likely release the micro-console by fall this year, so stay tuned to the website for more updates on the device.

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