Rapper Daz Dilinger Cries Foul Over the Illegal Use of His Songs in GTA 5

Rapper Daz Dilinger Cries Foul Over the Illegal Use of His Songs in GTA 5Grand Theft Auto 5 was so successful that it easily broke seven Guinness World Records, mainly about its huge sales. But now, its developer may be facing a major setback and probably a legal action after a rapper came out to claim that some of his songs were used in the videogame even without proper and appropriate permission or licensing.

Daz Dilinger, a rapper and producer, has accused GTA 5 developer Rockstar of illegally using two of his songs as part of the soundtrack of the game. Those tracks were “Nothin’ But the Cavi Hit” and “C-Walk.” The two songs perfectly blended with the game’s theme and plot.

According to Daz, Rockstar tried to talk to him about the possible licensing of the two songs that would be included in the track. However, he claimed that an agreement between them did not finalize because he found that Rockstar’s offer of $4,271 for the two songs undervalued those tracks. But as Daz claimed, Rockstar still went on and included the two songs into the GTA 5 soundtrack.

Cease and desist

Thus, the hip hop artist has sought a cease and desist order from the court. Daz now demands proper compensation for the use of the two songs. He also demands Rockstar to recall the game if the matter would not be fixed soon.

In a statement he released about this issue, Daz reiterated that the fight is about proper respect that should be rendered to any artist and his work. Of course, he is asking for hefty compensation for what he described as his ‘involuntary contribution’ to the videogame. If not, he is asking Rockstar not just to recall all copies of the game but also to destroy all copies that are yet to be sold.

Tall order

And because GTA 5 has already generated more than $1 billion in sales within three days after its initial release, his demands would certainly be a tall order. And that’s not all about it. Daz insists that Rocktar should make a final decision within two weeks or 14 days. Rockstar is yet to make any statement about this matter.

Daz produced “Nothin’ But the Cavi Hit” in 1997 for Mack 10 and the Dogg. It was used in “Rhyme & Reason,” a hip hop documentary that was released that year. Meanwhile, he produced “C-Walk” for the debut album of rapper Kurupt in 1998.

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