Radionomy Saves Winamp by Buying It

Radionomy Saves Winamp by BuyingIf you are wondering why Winamp is still up and available up to this day, you have to thank radio-streaming company Radionomy for saving the aging music streaming service. Radionomy has formally acquired Winamp together with the Shoutcast platform of AOL in an undisclosed amount.

It can be recalled that Winamp last year conceded defeat amid stiff competition across the popular music streaming landscape. Last November, it announced the bad news to its loyal users that the service would be shut down altogether on December 20.

Thankfully, because of Radionomy acquisition, Winamp was saved. That is why it remains online even after its scheduled expiration date. It seems that Radionomy has high regards with the acquisition and considers it an ideal fit for its current portfolio of services.

Positive on buying Winamp

In a statement, Radionomy said Winamp has a clear role in the evolution of the online media in the future. After the transaction, the company plans to make the popular music player ‘ubiquitous.’ It said it would develop new functionalities that would be dedicated to mobile, desktop, connected devices, car systems, and many other platforms.

The radio-streaming company also plans to extend to Winamp users access to over 60,000 online radio stations, the feature to playback in 60 video and audio formats, and access to about 6,000 add-ons like plug-ins, skins, visualizations, and online services. It would also provide tools for management of podcast subscriptions. Moreover, all these would be provided in all 16 available languages.

Buying AOL’s Shoutcast at the same time

Aside from Winamp, Radionomy also snagged Shoutcast, AOL’s online radio platform. The company said the new asset would help it further build a US presence. It would be useful in the company’s focus on creation of unique platform for radio broadcasts and music playing. Radionomy expects that through Shoutcast, it could further expand its reach to include half of the online radio streaming population of the world.

Online radio has become more popular in the past years, thanks to popular services like Spotify and Pandora. Spotify recently launched its Spotiamp program, which has recreated the classic interface of Winamp to specifically target Spotify Premium users.

Radionomy is confident that acquiring Winamp and Spotify would be beneficial to the company in the long run. It said the two great brands would add value to the company by helping expand its features and capabilities.

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