Queen Elizabeth Still Suffering From ‘Heavy Cold’, Misses Church Again

There might be changes in the British royal family soon, as Queen Elizabeth II has been out of the public eye for 2 weeks straight. Photo Credits: Twitter/RoyalFamily

A momentous change could be coming to the British monarchy. With Queen Elizabeth staying nearly two weeks away from the public eye, many speculate that she may vacate the throne soon. However, official sources say that she is simply suffering from a “heavy cold.” The Queen also skipped the New Year’s Day holiday service, as well as the traditional Christmas service, at the St. Mary Magdalene Church located in the Sandringham estate.

Buckingham Palace Says Queen Suffering From “A Heavy Cold”

“The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold,”a Buckingham palace official said on Sunday. Other royal sources also speculate that the Queen is just being cautious about her health. As such, a 90-year old British monarch must not risk it as it has been raining heavily recently.

The two weeks of absence, however, paints a different picture to others. Recently, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip postponed their trip to Sandringham by 24 hours. Both did not feel well enough to go, according to ABC News.

Instead of taking the royal train in London, which has been customary, the rulers of the UK decided to take a helicopter instead. The next scheduled public appearance of Queen Elizabeth is next Sunday at church. If she is not feeling well enough, however, then the public must wait some more.

Many have been talking about the question of succession recently. But, as you can imagine, it has been intricately planned out for a long time already. And, according to the succession, the throne will go to the son of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles.

The likelihood that Prince Charles will cause a constitutional crisis are slim. However, some have noted the possibility that Prince Charles might pass on the throne to his eldest son, Prince William, International Business Times reported.

The last time a crisis for the throne happened was in 1936. King Edward VIII abdicated the throne to marry American socialite Wallis Simpson. George VI succeeded the throne, followed by his daughter and reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

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