Queen Elizabeth Sends Her First Tweet

Queen Elizabeth Sends Her First TweetAs a proof that the social media is for everyone, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II composed and sent her first tweet ever on Thursday (October 24). That was one for history.

If you are wondering, Queen Elizabeth does not own her personal Twitter account. Instead, she used the official British Monarchy Twitter account, which currently has over 19,000 posts, to send a message to the social media.

And the Queen did not tweet for no purpose, of course, Her quick tweet was an introduction to a new and major exhibition at the Science Museum in London.


Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth even removed her glove so she can compose the 140-character message with more ease. She then presented that to a crowd consisting of  about 600 people.

The tweets that followed from the same account were commemorating the occasion using the hashtag #TheQueenTweets. Some of those tweets even featured photos of that historic moment in the world of technology and social media.

To many observers, it was just ideal for the British monarchy head to kick off the Information Age exhibit at the museum. According to its online site, that event was its biggest
as well as most ambitious gallery in history.

Trying out the social media

Before creating and sending that momentous first tweet, she and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh roamed around the gallery and listened to personal recollections from people who related that the Coronation of the Queen was their first TV experience back in 1953.

In line with Queen Elizabeth’s first tweet, the British Monarchy account also posted several tweets about her past use of communications technology. Those included her first ever televised Christmas broadcast way back in 1957 and her first ever email, which was sent during a visit to an army base in 1976.

However, Queen Elizabeth is not the first revered public figure who tried using the social media to reach out to the public. In December 2012, Pope Benedict XVI created an account on the microblogging site. Pope Francis is also currently actively interacting with followers in the social media.

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