Queen Elizabeth Makes Her First Public Appearance Of 2017

Rumors that Queen Elizabeth had already passed are debunked as she made a public appearance in last Sunday’s church service. Photo Credits: Twitter/Reuters

After almost an entire month, Queen Elizabeth, 90 years-old, finally made a public appearance. This eased tensions that her health is at serious risk. The British monarch attended the Sunday service at St. Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham estate, to the relief of many.

The media captured video of Queen Elizabeth exiting her vehicle at around 10:55am (9:55pm AEDT). Her 95-year-old husband, Prince Philip, also accompanied her. The Queen also celebrated the Sunday service together with Prince William and Princess Kate.

Queen Elizabeth had missed the New Year celebrations and also delayed her traditional Christmas plans due to a heavy cold. Similarly, Prince Philip had also limited his public appearances. He has been recovering from a heavy cold too. The Queen celebrated Christmas at Sandringhman with the rest of the royal family, as per tradition.

And, even though the public had not been seeing her, Queen Elizabeth would still receive red boxes daily. These red boxes contain official papers that require her attention, 9 News noted. Her prolonged absence caused a fake report that circulated on Twitter. The report said that the queen had died, triggering a succession to the Crown. The rumors only gained traction when official sources admitted that the Queen is down with a heavy cold.

A persistent and hacking cough sideline the Queen, the Daily Mail reported. As such, she decided to stay in to avoid disrupting other worshipers. Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, came out with a statement saying her mother is “better.” Prior to this, Queen Elizabeth’s last public appearance happened on December 9. Then, she hosted the Liberian ambassador at the Buckingham Palace. She also appeared in a pre-recorded Christmas broadcast, as well as a private party for family and diplomats before Christmas.

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