PS4 release date will be confirmed at Gamescom, possibly October 21

PS4 release date will be confirmed at Gamescom possibly October 21The PR battle between Sony and Microsoft continues, with Sony successful trumping Microsoft at almost every stage, with Redmond having to change policies and rethink their ideas on multiple occasions surrounding the most controversial gaming topics.

All this has happened and we have dug deep into the two consoles, but we still have no solid date on when the PS4 and Xbox One will launch. Microsoft and Sony are keeping tight lipped about the release date, it could be because they don’t know yet or it may be because they are holding it off for Gamescom, the huge gaming event in Germany.

A new source on the NeoGaf forums details how he knows the PS4 release date will be October 21. The source said his retail background allowed him to find this information, although no specifics on the Xbox One were given. To add a little verification, a mod on NeoGaf verified the source, but this should still be taken as a rumor.


Sony has put lots of effort into making sure everyone thinks their console is free, open, cheaper and powerful. They have pushed to make sure every PR decision reflects Sony in a good way and has went hard on DRM, price and publishing, three feature Microsoft has changed on the Xbox One to make it similar to the PS4 approach.

We know from Amazon and Best Buy the PS4 has been a step above the Xbox One on pre-orders, the PS4 is selling out faster than the Xbox One. This does not mean the Xbox One is completely useless; it has sold out as well, showing the company will still make quite a few pre-order counts.

As many video game pundits have said, this PR war will only work for the first year or two in the console battle. After a while, gamers will choose their favorite console based on the experience and the games available. If there are more exclusive on one system or better multiplayer on the Xbox One, it may sway the votes.

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