Preorders for Bioshock Infinite began August 1, 2013 for Mac & PC

Preorders for Bioshock Infinite beganAspyr announced preorders beginning for Bioshock Infinite began August 1, 2013 and the game will officially release on the 29th of August.

The popular thriller series Bioshock released its latest console title in the series in March of 2013, gaining immediately popularity. Creators Aspyr announced information on a new title planned to be released for the Mac and PC over this summer and PC gamers have eagerly awaited news of a release date.

In addition to finally announcing the release date August 1rst as presales became officially open, the company announced a slew of pre-order bonuses, downloadable extra content and surprising specs to further entice PC players to purchase the new title. Pre-orders made through GameAgent will give gamers an additional 20% off the current sticker price of $59.99.

The first Downloadable content or DLC available with Bioshock Infinite will be ‘Clash in the Clouds’, and the company announced more DLC will follow shortly after.

Clash in the Clouds will be available on the August 29th release alongside the game. This first DLC will include 60 new challenges in four entirely new environments.

In addition, the company will be releasing Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 available shortly after release. The DLC will include new weapons, Plasmids/Vigors, Tears, Skylines and Big Daddies for even more frightening fun.

Fans of the Bioshock series will also find that including the newest title Bioshock Infinite and DLC packs, the makers have produced a whole new line of Bioshock gear to be purchased. This includes new apparel, collectible ‘Plushies’ and even ring tone downloads for android and smartphones.

The season pass early bird special for this title will include Bioshock Infinite, all three of the upcoming DLC downloads including Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 and four pieces of exclusive gear. Season passes are available as a preorder at most retailers as of August 1rst.

Bioshock Infinite is first person shooter game full of horrific thrills and characters as frightening as they are original. The game has won over 85 editorial awards for its heart-stopping and face paced action as well as graphics fitting of the latest technology. The game will also support Stream Play allowing users to make a one-time purchase of the game and stream form both PC and Mac systems. This game is rated 17+ and is for mature audiences only due to its intense content.

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