Possible Apple Watch specifications revealed

Possible Apple Watch specifications revealedAlthough Apple announced its Apple Watch back on September 9th, the company revealed very little details about the technical specifications of the device. Instead, Apple, like it usually does, highlighted the main features and design aspects of the device and said things like the device was faster and better than competitors.

While it does give us an idea as to what to expect from the upcoming smartwatch, we still would like to see exactly what’s inside the new Apple Watch. Luckily, we got some information about the specs of the watch through an analyst who managed to get some details via Apple’s supply chain sources.

The analyst found out the component makers and the final internals that you may find inside the new device from these sources.

Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company published a research note which said that Apple’s smartwatch will come with 512MB RAM which will most likely be supplied by Samsung, Hynix and Micron. Coming to the on board storage, Apple Watch will have 4GB as standard. However, there’s probably another version in the works which will come with 8GB storage, but that won’t be the default version.

The same report says that Apple will incorporate a Broadcom BCM43342 combination chip inside the device. This is kind of surprising given that this Broadcom chipset comes with GPS inbuilt. However, Apple noted at the launch event that its smartwatch won’t support GPS and users will have to use the GPS on their connected iPhones to use navigation apps.

As Apple Insider notes there are two possible explanations for this. Either Apple worked closely with Broadcom to develop a slightly modified version of the chipset on the device without GPS, or the company managed to disable the inbuilt GPS on the chip, which also means that hackers and developers may use this opportunity to have some fun with the new watch.

Whatever the case maybe, Apple explicitly said that its smartwatch will not support GPS, so you will most likely have to rely on your iPhone for using any GPS related apps.

Other internals on the device include Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics, NFC chip from NXP and AMS, and Wi-Fi front end by SkyWorks.

While the analyst did not get any information about the CPU, we expect it to be a dual core 1 GHz processor given that the watch comes with 4GB and 512MB RAM combo, which is the same configuration found on other competitors.

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