Pope Francis Was A Nighclub Bouncer & 5 Other Facts You Didn’t Know

The pope has a lot of interesting stories in his personal history. Image taken from Instagram/franciscus

That Pope Francis worked in a nightclub is making headlines. People are naturally curious to find out new things about the religious leader.

Successful people may seem like they have pretty much everything, but the truth may not be as glitzy. In fact, there are many successful people who had to go through some tough times and odd jobs to get where they are now.

Pope Francis Nightclub Bouncer & More Interesting Stories

The Pope himself is no stranger to this as he has his own fair share of experiences. Pope Francis is known to be very relaxed and casual as compared to his predecessors.

He is known for walking in on people’s selfies and even welcomes taking them with tourists. There is no doubt that there is something about him that just makes him more relatable than his predecessors.

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Here are five facts that you didn’t know about the Pope.

Odd Jobs

He may be one of the most revered leaders in the world, but Pope Francis had nightclub experience. In fact, he worked as a bar bouncer for a while back in Buenos Aires, as noted by USA Today.

Soccer Fan

He may be busy doing his religious duties in Rome. However, he does enjoy watching soccer, or football, during his spare time. In fact, according to The Fiscal Times, he is a fan of the San Lorenzo de Almagro football club in Argentina.

In Love

He was not entirely sure about entering the seminary. Back when he was 22, he almost quit because he fell in love with a girl. Despite having thoughts of forgoing the celibate life, he stuck with his decision and is now the Pope.

Good Taste

He does not listen to hymns and prayers all day. He actually enjoys the music of the Tango, and a related genre called Milonga. Milonga was popular back in the 1870s.

All By Himself

Becoming a Pope has a lot of perks, but taking into consideration the Pope Francis nightclub news, he is bound to do things differently. He drives his own car and would sometimes prefer to even take public transportation. He rejects elitism with a passion.

Not only does he still cook his own meals, but he prefers simple robes and his comfy shoes to the new garments.

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