Pope Francis Pays Fidel Castro A Visit

Pope Francis met Fidel Castro during a three day tour

Pope Francis addressed a mass in Havana and met with the Cuban President Fidel Castro during his three day tour of Cuba.

Pope Francis met Fidel Castro during a three day tour

Pope Francis met Fidel Castro during a three day tour

Pope Francis, the current and the 226th Pope of the Catholic Church, is on a whirlwind tour of the Cuban states and US. The Pope met with Fidel Castro, in a friendly and informal encounter on Sunday, followed by a longer meeting with Castro’s brother and the current Cuban President, Raul Castro. Castro gifted the Pope with books including the ‘Fidel and Religion’, and in return received three books from the Pope.

Pope Francis also addressed a homily in the Revolution Square, Havana. The gathering greeted and cheered for the Pope in the Caribbean heat as he discussed unity and brotherhood. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the President of Argentina, the Pope’s native and Raul Castro, not a catholic, were present too. In his meeting later with seminaries, priests, nuns and bishops, Pope Francis called for the protection for the most vulnerable members of the society and the unborn. A scheduled meeting with the Cuban youth later took place under a drizzle of rain, where the Pope urged them to open themselves and dream.

The Pope will be seen next at the Revolution Plaza for a Holy Mass, visit Loma de La Cruz and Santiago and tour the Minor Basilica of the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity del Cobre. His tour then proceeds to Washington, US on Tuesday.

Pope Francis has established himself a different and spontaneous personality, known for his less formal and more humble take of his papacy. He switched his lodgings to the Domus Sanctae Mathae guesthouse abandoning the Papal apartments; he also refused decorative vests, retaining his same pectoral cross from when he was a cardinal. The Pope has previously addressed followers in a wide variety of topics ranging from guns, gays, abortion to climate changes.

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