Pope Francis Tells Catholics Not To Vote For Hillary Clinton In US Elections 2016

What does the Pope say about the US Elections 2016? [ Image Credit: New York Post ]

The United States of America is in a stir right now, as the US Elections 2016 is fast approaching. A lot of issues have already piled up against the two well-known presidential candidates.

In a recently trending social media controversy, it was said that the Catholic Church has made a stance against one of the US presidential candidates. A question was raised: Did Pope Francis really tell the Catholics NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton in the US Elections 2016?

The origin of the issue was an article published in the news website Apparently, the article reported that Pope Benedict XVI had forbidden Catholics “from voting pro-abortion Hillary Clinton or anyone who espouses her ideas.”

The report based its accusations from the contents of a letter written way back in 2004 by Cardinal Ratzinger. It was written before he was elevated to papal status as Pope Benedict XVI. A thorough study of the said letter, however, reveals that it solely pertains to one’s “worthiness to receive Holy Communion”.

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Although some portions of the letter did speak about politics, it nevertheless made no mention of anything against the US Elections or against Hillary Clinton for that matter. Moreover, it was an ecumenical letter as opposed to the edict that most people talked about in the controversy.

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The misleading report immediately became trending all over social media. The controversy became worst when a few readers misunderstood the headline. People began inferring that the current pope (Pope Francis) was the one who issued the papal edict against US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Thanks to for clearing the issue in their abrupt report. During an interview with Pope Francis onboard a plane from Azerbaijan, he remained at a neutral stance and declared his none interference in the political campaign. He did not say anything against voting for the renowned Democratic presidential candidate.

Way back in February of this year, however, the Pope had made a passing interference in the campaign. The matter was about the proposal of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Trump proposed to build a wall that would keep Mexicans out of the US. Pope Francis made a comment that “anyone who builds a wall is not a Christian.” He later clarified and rephrased the meaning of his statement when he humbled himself saying, “So at least I am a human person.”


As of the current controversy, Pope Francis certainly did not issue anything, not a letter or an edict, which would expressly turn the Catholics against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. US citizens are free to choose between the presidential candidates in the US Elections 2016.

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