PointGrab Launches new Hybrid Recognition Technology

PointGrab Launches new Hybrid Recognition TechnologyPointGrab Ltd has introduced its new Hybrid Action Recognition technology, which is touted as the most reliable gesture recognition solution for mass market integration. It has just set a new standard with its 98% accuracy in gesture recognition. The technology would work in standard 2D cameras, which would make it more accessible and useful to more people.

According to the company, this technology evolution was based on several popular devices that already integrate the previous versions of the solution. Those products include Fujitsu and Acer PCs as well as Samsung’s SmartTVs.

This breakthrough technology would facilitate greater reliability and usefulness to consumers who prefer using gestures to control their devices. Those who could no longer wait for its integration into devices may look forward to the launch of those products by fall this year.

Hybrid Action Recognition clearly understands intentions of users. It could detect and then analyze complex and various situations where motion and shapes matter more. The new technology is so advanced that it could also read unintentional gestures of its users.

Years of development

PointGrab has spent years of research to establish a connection between Hybrid Action Recognition and users’ experiences. The entire system could be customized to accommodate users’ requirements and behaviors. In turn, the system narrows the learning curve of users so they would better enjoy suitable and personalized experiences.

The company aims to someday enable users to use gestures naturally when interacting with their modern devices. It is continuously developing more ways to further bolster the functionality and usefulness of Hybrid Action Recognition.

PointGrab is set to launch the new technology on a worldwide mass market. The company did not divulge any other data about it except for plans to finally launch it in just several weeks. It would surely create a buzz in the coming days.

Pioneer in the industry

PointGrab is among the pioneers in modern gesture recognition. Its software solution aims to make PCs, tablets, smartphones, and TVs controllable remotely by users. This is where the company wants to take a crucial role in various industries.

This is not the first time that the company’s technology has become more useful to the government and to consumers in general. The market-leading solutions have been available commercially. Since 2010, that same technology has been widely used in various devices. The company was founded in 2008.

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