PlayStation VR: What You Need To Know + Games You Can Play!

Sony is really stepping up its game, pushing the boundaries of technology with innovation after innovation. This time, their very own PlayStation 4 gets its own virtual reality headset, bringing forward a new gaming experience for players everywhere.

Aptly named PlayStation VR, the headset utilizes lenses that help trick your brain into believing that what you’re seeing is reality, thereby creating a sense of ‘presence’ vital in the virtual reality experience. By simply slipping it over your head and pulling the screen toward your eyes, the PlayStation VR makes for an easy-to-use gaming affair.

Meanwhile, the lights on the device are used by the PlayStation 4 camera to pick up where your head is positioned. Additionally, only one headset can be used with a PlayStation 4 at any given time. Previously called ‘Project Morpheus,’ the PlayStation VR will also make use of the PlayStation Move: motion controllers similar to that of Nintendo’s Wii.

But what’s a fancy, new device without some games to go with it? Here’s Sony’s lineup of games coming to the PlayStation VR.

1. 100 ft. Robot Golf

Basically, you play golf with four players all at once… as a 100-foot robot. The game features tall buildings and other fellow robots for you to smash with your golf swings, because what else do robots of that calibre do in golf tournaments?

2. The Modern Zombie Taxi Co

Where you control a zombie — in a society where everyone is a zombie — who operates a taxi company. Playing as a taxi driver has never been this fun.

3. Psychonauts

Gaming classic Psychonauts gets its PlayStation VR spinoff with The Rhombus of Ruin. While there isn’t anything of the game to see just yet, it is currently in development, with teaser art hyping up fans all around.

4. Golem

Golem features a young girl who takes control of a giant stone golem. The game’s art direction looks eerie and all the more interesting, getting players excited as to how the gameplay will turn out.

5. Ace Combat 7

Playable also without the VR headset, Ace Combat is a long-running, arcade-style dogfighting game series. Whether gameplay will feature a third-person perspective or otherwise, the addition of the VR hardware will surely make for a new gaming experience.

6. Headmaster

A soccer game that allows you to head-butt soccer balls — among other objects — into various things. You can definitely live out your David Beckham dreams with this one.

7. Rez Infinite

Originally released on the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, cult-classic Rez gets a virtual reality upgrade with Rez Infinite. Essentially, Rez is a shooter game that heavily features electronic music. With the virtual reality feature, the game’s synesthesia aspect will definitely be reaching new heights.

8. Super Hypercube

Arguably one of the most interesting PlayStation VR entires, the game has players matching shapes in three dimensions in a similar, trippy fashion to that of Japan’s ‘Human Tetris’ game.

9. EVE Valkyrie

In EVE Valkyrie, players are given the freedom to look in any direction, even providing the option to lock missiles onto enemies with your view. It was one of the earliest games ever show on virtual reality headsets and has players piloting various ships in an epic space dogfight.

10. The London Heist

Previously shown several times as a demo by Sony for the PlayStation VR, the game isn’t your regular first-person shooter, with features such as manual gun reloading, for starters, making for a unique first-person gaming experience.

11. RIGS

A futuristic sports game that puts players in a huge mecha cockpit, RIGS shows a variety of mechanical robots having different attributes, putting players in what is seemingly the inside of these mecha suits and utilizing a first-person perspective to enhance gameplay.

12. Wayward Sky

Originally a demo for Samsung’s phone-based VR headset, Gear VR, Wayward Sky is a third-person puzzle adventure game that uses cartoon-like graphics and stylized visuals.

13. Battle Zone

The 80s first-person tank battle classic gets a reboot as it heads for the PlayStation VR. The Battle Zone franchise was originally in arcades before it found its way to home game systems like the Atari 2600.

14. Robinson: The Journey

Not much is known about this game just yet, other than the fact that its visuals are gorgeous and dinosaurs seem to be a central theme. Here’s hoping the game will deliver when it comes out for the PlayStation VR.

15. World War Toons

A comedic take on first-person shooter games, World War Toons features caricatures of World War II soldiers fighting in quirky locations while equipping some ridiculous power-ups.

16. Eagle Flight

You might think this game will take players to a first-person perspective as an eagle, but think again. Eagle Flight takes a third-person approach, tasking players to keep their eyes fixed on a relatively stationary object whilst flying all over the scenery. Let’s just hope this won’t be too nauseous of a game for virtual reality newcomers.

17. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Riding on the success of the PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn, Sony bagged Rush of Blood — which seems like a freaky roller coaster that will take characters to their demise — said to come out for the PlayStation VR in 2016.

Are you excited for the PlayStation VR? Which game are you looking forward to the most?

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For comments and suggestions, leave a message in the comments section below. Like and Follow our Facebook page for more stories and to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings.

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