Plastic version of HTC One M8 in the works

Plastic version of HTC One M8 in the worksWhile there’s no doubt that the best thing about HTC’s One smartphone is its sleek metallic finish, the premium metal on the back increases the overall cost of the handset. This makes it hard for HTC to compete with rival smartphones which have a less premium price tag.

But the company may have come up with a solution to this problem as new rumors suggests that a plastic version of HTC One M8 is in the works and will soon release in the market alongside its metallic brother. HTC aims to reduce the price tag of the device with this move, which will further boost the sales of the new flagship from the company.

The plastic version of the device will have the exact same features as the regular version. So, unlike a mini version, customers will have the same experience as the original M8. People who are more price conscious and are okay with a plastic back can opt for this version.

While the shift from the metal back to a plastic one seems like a downgrade, almost all smartphones these days are made of plastic and people readily buy them. So if priced correctly, the plastic version should definitely attract a lot of new users.

Although nothing is confirmed as of now, rumors suggest that the price difference would be drastic. As of today, the HTC M8 sells for around $700 unlocked. The plastic version would be a whole lot cheaper and is expected to retail around $483. That’s more than a $200 drop in price, which should definitely bring this phone under the radar of a lot more users.

Last year’s HTC One managed to bag a lot of awards for its design and this year’s model too looks like a winner. The user interface is much more refined and a lot of new features have been added to the new M8. So, even without its metallic back, which has been pretty much the main attraction of the device; a plastic M8 should look attractive to customers.

This reduced will also help the company compete with its rivals like Samsung and Sony, who have a lot more devices under their belt. So, if the rumor turns out to be true, customers will have one more device to choose from, in the under $500 price range. Most of the devices in this price range are outdated, so the plastic version of the M8 should have a significant advantage.

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