Pirates of the Caribbean budget cuts due to Unsuccessful Lone Ranger’s Release

Pirates of the Caribbean budget cuts due to Unsuccessful Lone Ranger’s ReleaseThe unsuccessful release of recent Disney Studios film ‘The Lone Ranger’ has forced budget cuts to the upcoming continued film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

News spread quickly after the opening week failure of Disney’s latest creation the ‘The Lone Ranger which cost the company at total of $150 million during its début release. Meanwhile the buzz was already spinning about an inventible new production for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5 now suffering budget cuts due to the ranger’s large quantity loss.

The lone Ranger, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films, is a full length film based off the quirky radio show popular during the 1933. The original radio show plot began as a small boy meets an elderly American Indian named Tonoto, the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, who recalls his adventures with the masked hero through out the Wild West.

The show sparked years of popularity among children during the 1930s as ‘cowboys and Indians’ became a popular trend. The original television series began in 1949 and ran for a full eight years finally going off air in 1957. The show recaptured original story plots and again held a youth audience captive.

Disney, in hopes of recreating this phenomenon, produced its 2013 full length feature starring Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto. Both Stars mentioned after the debuts failure in box offices that they felt the critics had been rating the movie poorly before even watching and that contributed to the unsuccessful release in theaters.

Though the movies budget ended at close to $250 million, which critics were quick to mention on several occasions, the film grossed just under $48.9 million from opening weekend July 3rd to date. Opening date brought in only $29.4 million opening day, projected to cost Disney Studios over $150 million. These totals also exclude additional millions spend by Disney on advertising in the months before release.

Sources say the massive write down Disney may suffer from this production failure will most likely effect the budget for upcoming continuing film series ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’, already in the beginnings of production. This news comes before The Lone Ranger makes its opening debut in several over seas theater markets, giving the company possible hope of redeeming a portion of losses in American sales.

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