Pinterest and LinkedIn Now More Popular than Twitter, According to Study

Pinterest and LinkedIn Now More Popular than TwitterMore adult Americans now use Pinterest and LinkedIn than Twitter. However, the microblogging site is more popular among young adults and blacks compared to other social networks. This is the interesting findings of a recent study conducted and released by the Pew Research Center.

Pinterest, the photo pin-up app, had its popularity soaring over the past year. This was based on the survey with 1,445 online respondents that are aged 18 years old and higher. Around 21% of those poll respondents employed the service during the past year. The figure rose from 15% in the same survey conducted a year ago.

The past year was also a good year for professional social networking site LinkedIn. The Website was used by 22% of respondents compared to Twitter, which was used by 18% of respondents. The figure for LinkedIn was almost steady compared to the year-ago figure.

Consolation for Twitter

But Twitter doesn’t have to wallow. According to the research, up to 29% of black respondents said they use the online social network. That was higher than 16% for Hispanics and whites who also use the service.

Twitter also ranks higher compared to Pinterest when it comes to engagement. This could be something for Twitter to rave about. The study found that up to 46% of poll respondents go online to use the service on a daily basis. That compares to just 23% for Pinterest and about 13% for LinkedIn.

Facebook still on top

Industry experts have already described Twitter as less intuitive compared to Facebook. That is why it usually turns off users. Its growth is thus curtailed as a mainstream platform for social media. Based on another poll jointly conducted by Reuters and Ipsos in October, up to 36% of 1,067 respondents who said they joined Twitter tended not to actually use it. About 7% of those said they eventually shut their Twitter accounts.

In comparison, only 7% of 2,449 respondents who use Facebook said they are not actually and regularly using the popular social networking site. About 5% of those said they eventually shut down their Facebook accounts.

Back to the study of the Pew Research Center, Facebook was found to still be the most popular social media site. Up to 71% of poll respondents use the Website, up from 67% a year ago. However, most analysts believe that younger users now start to gravitate towards other sites like Instagram and SnapChat and away from Facebook.

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