Pinterest Aims for More Personal Recommendations

Pinterest Aims for More Personal RecommendationsPinterest thinks it is about time its users are given richer experience through content. That is why it is quite logical that the Website is putting up more recommendations and more quality information into every pin.

Last week, the Website unveiled a new feature, the ‘Edit Home Feed’ button. It allows Pinterest users to make adjustments to their feeds so the site could provide more appropriate and timely content related to the pins. It would be rolled out online and through the site’s mobile app.

Pinterest is considering monitoring users’ activity especially on other Websites so it could determine the interests of its users. Thus, for a user who often checks out cooking Websites, Pinterest could start showing boards for recipes.

Better service

In a statement released last July 31, its engineering head Jon Jenkins told a group of press people that the company is on the process of building up its ‘interest graph.’ It is a special way to better understand overlapping of both pins and interests in the network.

To enhance the pins, the company has recently introduced animations in pinning. At the same time, it has input more information to pins about recipes, movies, and products. Pinterest emphasizes that these interests are among the most popular in its own network. In the future, the company said no one should be surprised if new pin features are applied to those pertaining to music and several other interests. Pinterest intends to have more information available for each type of existing pin.

More innovations

Aside from adding more information to pins and putting more personal recommendations, the company is also developing more innovative ways to facilitate addition of more pins as well as users. It would also work on adoption of Pinterest on various mobile devices and on possibly lunching its own application programming interface (API) in the future.

Pinterest is a vocal supporter of the so-called ‘Do Not Track’ online movement. The feature disables tracking as well as cross-site functions. Pinterest has unveiled such new features to assure its users that it is always on track to provide good service and at the same time to safeguard users’ personal information and online security. That was why it has not supported ‘Do Not Track’ in the first place. Companies could support the movement or not as there is no legal of technical requirement that would force online sites to do so.

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