Pica8 Extends Compatibility with Open vSwitch (OVS)

Pica8 Inc., the leader in open networking for software defined networks (SDN), announced today that its open, hardware-independent switches are now compatible with Open vSwitch (OVS) version 1.9. To answer the requirements of an agile data center, OVS 1.9 combined with OpenFlow 1.2, is implemented in Pica8’s PicOS™ operating system. With OVS 1.9 supported, PicOS will now have updated open-source code with improved OpenFlow management functionality.

OVS has support from many companies and is quickly gaining adoption in cloud environments as well as having integration with CloudStack and OpenStack. Because PicOS supports OpenFlow 1.2, Pica8’s open switches also integrate with the Ryu 1.4 OpenFlow controller and other open-source OpenFlow controllers for SDN applications that service providers need.

“Extending OVS support represents an important element to making open networking a reality as it has in the server market,” said David Liu, chief architect for Pica8. “When our OVS integration is combined with our hardware abstraction functionality, data center managers will be able to leverage the cost and management benefits of deploying commoditized switches in a similar rip-and-replace fashion to swapping out a white box server. This commoditization drives down costs and facilitates better, more distributed management through external programming to achieve orchestration.”

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