Photoshop App Gets Three New Features that Include 3D Printing

Photoshop App Gets Three New Features that Include 3D PrintingUsers of Photoshop’s digital photo-editing application can expect new things up their sleeves. Adobe Systems has announced updates to Photoshop CC. It specifically identified three new features or improvements that will surely make the app more useful and updated.

Those updates are the 3D printing capability, the Perspective Warp, and the Linked Smart Objects features. These updates will be available to all subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud service. For users of Photoshop CS3 and newer versions, subscription will start at $9.99 per month. Meanwhile, full access to every Creative Cloud apps will cost $49.99 monthly.

In a Web conference that the company recently held for the announcement, Adobe Photoshop product manager Stephen Nielson declared that the app’s pace of innovation has accelerated. He reiterated that Adobe has been launching new features in the cloud service almost every month.

Aside from the three new major features, there will also be more than a dozen more updates that will be introduced. Those can be referred to as ‘just do it’ or JDIs, which will include longer layer names as well as 10-color samples (from four). The new features have been rolled out since January 16.

3D printing

Not many of us know that 3D printing has been used for about two decades now. It used to be exclusive to medical and manufacturing sectors for obvious reasons. But now, it is entering the consciousness of the general public as more affordable 3D printers are released to the market. This logically produces outputs that look three-dimensional.

Perspective Warp

If there is an image that requires two or more perspective correction, this new tool will be most useful. It will have the user draw quadrilateral box into the image. Sides have to parallel to objects that need correct perspective. When the layout is done, the user can automatically switch this tool into the ‘warp’ mode to transform edges and surrounding areas for more natural appearance.

Linked Smart Objects

These are vector graphics that users can use within the app. It comes with Illustrator. Editing of new Linked Smart Objects is possible in a single place. The flow will also flow through other documents that may reference that object. The feature is best in situations wherein there is collaboration with designers who use Photoshop and Illustrator separately. This feature can even save more disk space.

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